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how to file for guardianship in hawaii

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Court rules and statutes are also available on-line at www. courts. state. hi. us rules and www. capitol.hawaii. gov statutes. OVERVIEW OF DOCUMENTS IN THIS PACKET This packet includes the following forms. Should you wish to have more than one person serve as co-guardians you will need to amend pertinent portions of the documents to show that this is a co-guardianship case. PRO-SE PACKET GUARDIANSHIP -- INCAPACITATED PERSON FAMILY COURT OF THE FIRST CIRCUIT This packet describes the steps...
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This video is only meant to providegeneral legal information and is not legal advice Before you take any actionor rely on any information in this video it is recommended that you consult anattorney or contact the Legal Aid Society of Hawaii This video providesinformation on resources for court users including court self-help centerslanguage services mediation and accommodations for people withdisabilities Court self-help centers and access to justice rooms are available tohelp court users with legal information or advice Working together with the HawaiiState Judiciary the Hawaii State Bar Association and the Legal Aid Societyof Hawaii volunteer attorneys and americorps advocates staff the court SelfHelp Centers For more information or schedule of the self-help center nearyou please visit the judiciary website at wwwcourtsstatehius The Hawaii way state judiciary recognizesthat many people who come to court may not be able to fully participate becauseof language barriers or speech or hearing impairments The judiciary hasdedicated many resources to enhance language access services for court usersThese include providing court interpreters for all defendants partiesand witnesses and all case types and provided language services at all pointsof contact with the judiciary including over-the-counter and over the telephoneencounters The court provides free interpreters forall participants in court hearings The court also provides free languageservices to help you communicate with court staff outside of the courtroom Ifyou need help in your language when you visit or call the court tell court staffyou need an interpreter You can also ask for a language ID card which is alsoavailable on the Judiciary website or at the courthouse Yo request an interpreterat your court hearing you must go to the court to see the judge on your hearingdate At the hearing you may ask the judge for an interpreter Give the judgea letter asking for an interpreter show the judge your language ID cardavailable at courthouses and on the Judiciary website Your attorney may askthe judge for an interpreter for you orally or in writing At your hearing thejudge may ask you questions The judge will decide whether you mayhave an interpreter If an interpreter is provided by the judge the interpreter isfree The Hawaii state judiciary is committed to providing equal accessconsistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act the Americans withDisabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 and other state and federal laws If youhave a disability that may restrict your ability to meaningfully participate incourt proceedings programs and our activities the judiciary will provideyou with appropriate accommodations You can request an accommodation bycontacting the Disability Accommodations Coordinator assigned to the courthousewhere you're hearing is scheduled A request for an accommodation may be madeat any time but you should let the court know at least 10 business days inadvance Requests for...